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I've always loved storytelling – whether it was playtime with my Polly Pockets as a little girl,  bedtime stories of Narnia or Junie B. Jones, or coming home after school to tell my parents what momentous events happened that day, my imagination has never failed me. My gift is connecting through the written word, and while most public relations professionals are known for their people skills, I shine brightest when I'm writing. 


Fruit of Our Love is a big step for me in many ways; one being that I wrote it while I was furloughed during the peak of the pandemic. My creativity certainly didn't fail me during that time of my life, and I fully credit the isolation of stay-at-home orders and my cousin being a source of good news. So if that doesn't tell you to be someone's rainbow on a cloudy day, I don't know what else can.


Another reason this book is a big step for me is that I've always said I wanted to write a book, and I'm so excited that my little "Covid passion project" turned into a reality. While I'm not currently a mother, I can't wait for the day when I'm able to read this love song to my little one.


To all the moms reading this, I hope you know how much love, time, energy and brain power went into Fruit of Our Love. As someone who overanalyzes every little detail, the details are what make this book special to me. I hope it serves as a beautiful reminder of how you brought life into this world, and I also hope reading this to or with your new son or daughter creates a heartwarming memory. 

Thanks to all my fans – aka my family, friends and Filippo. Your belief in me made my belief in this book turn into something I'll always be proud of. 

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